About Sunshine Candy

The candy you love, delivered to you every month.

Remember those hot summer days when you and your friends would meet up at the local corner store, and rush inside and stand in front of the bins of candy lined up in transparent boxes? From gummies to sours, caramels to hard candies, you filled up tiny bags of goodness, drooling with excitement!

Here at the Sunshine Candy Company, we are determined to bring back that feeling - and candy - back into your life!


Awesome candy, hand-picked with care.

Just like the folks who ran your neighborhood corner store, we personally hand-pick our monthly selections from the finest suppliers to make sure you're getting that authentic candy taste every time, exactly like you remember it.

Because sharing is caring.

We were the type of kids that would fill our little plastic bags up to the very top every time we visited a candy store, so it's only natural that we bring that spirit into every Sunshine Candy Box we send out. Each box we ship is filled from top to bottom, side to side with delicious candy in individually sealed packages.

Not only does that make it easier for you to handle, but it's also perfect for any occasion where you'd want to share some happiness with your friends, family, or coworkers. Or you could keep all of that candy-goodness all to yourself. We promise we won't tell. ;)


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