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    The Candy You Love

    The Candy You Love

    Delivered Every Month!

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    The Sweet Stuff

    Some of candies we'll bring to your doorstep

    Candy Alt Text
    Gummy Worm
    Candy Alt Text
    Gummy Peaches
    Candy Alt Text
    Sour Gummy
    Candy Alt Text
    Cholocate Minis
    Candy Alt Text
    Fruity Jelly Beans
    Candy Alt Text
    Fruit Snacks Gummy
    Candy Alt Text
    Gum Balls
    Candy Alt Text
    Mixed Jelly Beans

    The Curation Process

    We carefully curate our monthly selections to make sure we have an interesting mix of sweets that not only includes candies that are right up your alley, but also to provide something fun and new that you might not have tasted before. After all, half the fun is not knowing what’s in your Sunshine Candy Box until it arrives at your doorstep!

    We were the type of kids that would fill our little plastic bags up to the very top every time we visited a candy store so it’s only natural that we brought that spirit into our Sunshine Candy Box as well. Each box we ship is filled from top to bottom, side to side with delicious candy in individually sealed packages for each type of sweets.

    What You Get

    Every month, we'll send you a carefully curated box of candy that you can share with others (or keep for yourself, we won't tell anyone!) We'll choose between old-time favorites and candy that's popular today.



    One box per month
    billed every month


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    Pre-pay and Save!
    billed every 6 months

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